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The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth,
for your love is better than wine.

Because of the fragrance of your goodly oils, your
name is ‘oil poured forth.’ Therefore, the maidens loved you.

Draw me, we will run after you; the king brought me
to his chambers. We will rejoice and be glad in you. We will recall your love
more fragrant than wine; they have loved you sincerely.

I am black but comely, O daughters of Jerusalem!
Like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon.

Do not look upon me [disdainfully] because I am
swarthy, for the sun has gazed upon me; my mother’s sons were incensed against
me; they made me a keeper of the vineyards; my own vineyard I did not keep.



Pilgrimage to India

James Gritz


“If you do not know, O fairest of women, go
your way in the footsteps of the flocks and pasture your kids beside the
shepherds’ dwellings.

At the gathering of the steeds of Pharaoh’s
chariots have I silenced you, my beloved.

Your cheeks are comely with rows, your neck with

We will make you rows of gold with studs of

“While the king was still at his table, my
spikenard gave forth its fragrance.

A bundle of myrrh is my beloved to me; between my
breasts he shall lie.

A cluster of henna-flowers is my beloved to me, in
the vineyards of Ein-Gedi.”

“Behold, you are comely, my beloved; behold,
you are comely; your eyes are like doves.”

“Behold, you are comely, my beloved, yea
pleasant; also our couch is leafy.

The beams of our houses are cedars; our corridors
are cypresses.”



Nature Study

Steven Gelberg





Judaica Press Complete Tanach





My Calypso

February 19, 2007

Odysseus and Calypso


Greek Mythology






I love classical literature; it was my worst educational moment when the instructor was dapper and about to retire. It felt like he was massacring them. After working long hours in a group home, I would come to his class in the evenings for 2.5 hours and want to tear my hair out. Or, sleep.

I loved the plot, I loved the messy gods, and I loved the hubris, the tragedy.

They were written in a time when the male figure spoke through form, and that form is part of my love for this literature. Nonetheless, I was missing something. I guess I wanted it all.

I once read a novel based on a classical plot where the tragic hero was a lesbian who had lost her way. I was astounded. I hardly put it down.

Suzanne gives us another perspective on Calypso: What she suffered and how she loved and what she ultimately chose to do out of love.

I will be forever grateful to Suzanne Vega for this song and giving me a piece of what I was missing. It’s all in perspective, and there are so many perspectives and so little time!





Suzanne Vega’s Page On Calypso



Clan, Heritage, And Story

September 24, 2006


My soulmate who said hello to me the day of her birth:

Gracious Galileo


Two Cool Chics

Olivia-Who tells us of her past lives and knows faeries withGracious Galileo.


Talk and Touch


The being is the doing

To watch and make safe

This is all there is


Yes, I have just come from visiting the faeries…


Father and Son

The Love and The Struggle


My boy boy Elijah


Aware and Caring



My Parents

My Mother Wandering

Tour Guides


Lesson Givers



The Waning Day in Love


Home for the Faeries Built by Elijah on the Coast of Maine




These photos are mere glimpses of a story. For me, they tell a story, for you they are images on a screen. You might feel something, my mother does have a photographic eye; she also has a grandmother’s hunger for visual history.

What is family?

For me, family are those I love.

These photos show the people who are my family by blood
relations. Certainly not all of them, but again, a glimpse.

Family is story.

These people have been through mental illness, death, loss, my great Aunt who is gone now had 10 miscarriages, disrupted childhoods, violated childhoods, been inflicted upon by unknowing caretakers; they have lived.

There is nothing magical here.

Yes, it is all magical.

I live with awareness as a crucial value. I have traveled this spiral for enough years to see and feel the healing, the connectivity, the acceptance, and the tension that is us.

There is no perfection here. There is no perfect childhood
in any of these photos. You might think so though by just looking.

We fight, we fear, we withdraw, we internalize, we forget we
are adults; there is drinking and alternative states, there is humanity.

There are good people loving their children in ways that
evoke awe in me.

There are grandparents learning anew.

There is a woman learning the sacred role of Aunt. (She is
in the photos in spirit only.)

There are those estranged yet in our souls, out of reach in
ways we do not know how to span.

This is a peek at my story.

And your story?

Take care,


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