November 18, 2007

Steven Gelberg has books and I want to share the link in case you are interested or are pondering how to find your way to my heart buy getting me one!

Steven Gelberg

And! Anwar has been busy boy. (I know, but I have a thing for alliteration!)

So, if you are in Paris stop by or if you feel like wooing me buy me a plane ticket to Paris!

Anwar Hossain:

May I have the pleasure of your company at the next three of

My film projections at Musee Guimet in Paris .

The details are highlighted in the Joint-file.

I would also love to invite you at the opening ceremony

Of my solo exhibition of photography “ VISIONS & LIGHTS

At the reception hall of Hospital Avicenne at Bobigny

On 13th December at 6.00 pm.

Sincerely yours

Photographer – Cinematographer
Tel: +33(0)1.4362.7784.


Photos from Anwar and Steven to cue your memory!




Anwar Hossain





Steven Gelberg

(Watching and Seeing)


Big News!

August 31, 2007


Between Earth and Sky

Paul Schilliger



Four days off!

E-Harmony free weekend!

Get down with your bad ass relational selves!

It’s in the 80’s not 100’s degrees!

Air conditioner OFF!

Bet you are jealous now!




August 30, 2007

Skipping Boxes

Dave Beckerman 







 Yea baby!

PS I still need a butt load of money. Womp!

News Flash

April 28, 2007

24 Hours

Paul Politis


After the last week, I am convinced that viruses/bacteria are indeed going to take over the planet some day.

And, to think, penecillin, a bacteria, is what is helping me recover.

I would rather snort cedar, but such is life.

Back to the pillows….



Lush Undergrowth

Paul Shilleger

P.S.Do NOT send chicken soup. I have made 4 types of exceptionally spicy chicken soup since Monday. I was impressed with myself. None the less, I want fucking fajitas, spicy lentils, something besides CHICKEN. So, there.

Bootilicious Boots!

April 3, 2007




Check these babies out!
Garden and mud-luscious mucking here I come!

Woo hoo!

And, I finally learned
that men’s tube socks are not found in sock and hosiery. Jeesh.

Hunting the Tube Sock

by kimsmith.

Be there or be square!


PS My boots are not nearly this nice or expensive. But then, thes boots are not on my feet. See?




Edward Gordon

The view from here….

November 23, 2006




Route 66

Christopher Leary




I do write, for those of you wondering, and I am here and there in this blog. I need to make an announcement to my release needs and the universe. I am teaching a lot. I teach one on one and small groups Intro to Literature. None of them are English majors. I am tutoring an amazing, articulate, and inspiring Japanese woman who attends our Masters in Counseling Program.

I am part of a three adult parenting team to my nephew who is in crisis. He and his mother are both crashing into each other in dangerous ways.

He has been with me two nights now and I see the pattern continuing as we try to help my nephew through his moment. It is adolescence but with a dark bite and a deep fear that leads to immense rage.

I am the funky aunt.

I was writing every night until the opportunity to teach and work with the Japanese student arose. There was a scheduling collision! Lack of balance rules the day in some ways but not in others.

Teaching and working with people one on one with writing: These are my bliss.

And, opportunity knocked for me to grow even more in these parts of me. I want out of my current career field and into the world of language and I want it with a paycheck!

So, I am in withdrawal from not writing, I need headspace to write.

But I still have a compulsive need to express so I share through other’s poetry and art.

That’s the news from kimsville!





Night Chess


Dave Beckerman





My Weekend(s)

November 5, 2006

I have had my 15 year old nephew at my house two weekends in a row and this weekend I am at his house caring for him and three “sisters”, no child in this house is biologically born from these friends, either adopted or foster care. All teenagers folks. I finally got to take a shower and mayhem broke out!

Hmm. I emailed my writing pieces in progress to myself. Uh huh.

Yea, and their fancy city cable DSL disconnects constantly! I live in a town of 448 with phone DSL and never have a problem.

So, there is the plot from Kim’s corner of the world.

I just dropped two of them off at the libary after an almost disasterous morning with my nephew. Alone in the car, exhaustion took over.

How does my friend Jack do it? In reality there are 5 kids in this house all with unique and often extenuating needs. Amazing. Three adopted and two in foster care,

Here is to Jack: The Big Daddy of them All!


Lorissa Shepstone

Take care,


PS. This photo expresses my love for these children. It in no way reflects a peaceful weekend!

Kim’s Update

October 22, 2006

Hello World,

Hmm. Emailed 63 artists and with 23 responses, 1 no, and 22 yes! Interactive to nice, invitations to meet in Paris, kindness, and great educational words on copyright and posting others work, and a collaboration offer, which I accepted. That is all I am telling you, so there.

Upsetting Lynda dismays me but I am a person who says: “Learn from it now.” So, I am. And, I thank her for that.

The universe is a lot bigger these days.

Apologies for the Pushkin poem font, as I posted once: Some day I will learn HTML. Uh huh.

Learning HTML requires that I put my expressive compulsion aside. Wait, it’s a compulsion. Right.

I am actually working on a fractured fairy tale poem that feels almost cooked enough for public, which means I will then over weeks slowly change little things in it. How is that?

Maybe qazse knows?


PS Spellcheck says your name is a mystery qazse.

To vision……


The Merry Maidens

Laura Turley