April 21, 2008

Gold Nude

S. Rungis

I am fire

in the water

falling over

the air

that breathes me,

annihilates me.

Dividing me,

divining me

from the

fog that

held me


Now I

swim in

flames screaming


I cannot hear

the sound inside me;

its silence

overwhelms me.


Flaming Love

Doris B. Lambling



November 20, 2007

…..wanders my life despite


~horrendous work pressure


~three weeks of migraines


~ a man who I knew should contact me, and did, as I was resting from risk-taking, stating to my questions: If you could invite five people to dinner, alive or not, famous or not, who would you invite and why? Included, me! Yet, in his Must Haves he clearly states the following: I must have a partner who is considered very attractive by most current standards. And, another must have was: I can’t stand someone who is overweight. I have written him, we are in open communication, and clearly stated that I am fat. I love life. Wonderment will get back to you on this ……..


~lack of money, lack of balanced diet, lack of balance, lack of a headlight on a suspended license, see lack of money, because it took me being pushed against the wall to register and pay taxes on the car I bought, oh!, see lack of money


~Wait! I have money it just leaves so quickly, we never talk anymore. Sigh.


~I think imbalance is a teacher, by the way, so there.


~I did not sleep last night. I slept this morning from 5 am to about 7:30. The night before a registration day, I am going to put that on my next resume under talents.


~And, to the short emails from my connections around the world, who touch me.


~To my advisee Jared, who clearly stated I need a younger man! Yea babeee……


~And to tonight’s movie, may it work this time, my third try from Netflix:


The Fantastic Planet!











March 23, 2007

Cottage Near St. Remy

Wendy Leach


I was reported as mature content. I tracked down the meaning of the phrase and understood that it could very well mean someone found my blog offensive.


As my commentary states I seek connectivity. I wish the person who felt the need to “report” me could have “spoken” with me. It all seems so, so secretive. It feels icky. And, I do not feel icky about my blog.

This space feels like life and love to me. This is where I come to express my experience of humanity, others and my own. I do not expect or even hope that people will share or understand my relationship with the force that is life,

With my own and the universe’s life force.

Nudity is life to me. It is love. It is showing us our humanity.

It is who we are when we are not in our costumes.

(When I was 19 an older woman, 35 years old I think, taught me this word and the beauty that clothing can express about us, the eccentricities, the personalities, and the creativity we all have.)

And, I am one sensitive woosie woo woo, let me tell you. You can bet money and you will win the pot if you think: Uh oh, Kim is going to obsess some on this. Bingo! (Was his name….)

And, I experience my little corner of the universe as beauty.


Red Ribbon


Paul Shilliger


Being human, I am sad someone might find this offensive.

Oh well!

Tomorrow IS Friday and I am dining with my Mexican family tomorrow night. We will dine and play with play-dough and floam. ( I am stunned; floam is not in the spell-check!)

Yea baby!

Good night!


P.S. I truly think we should all go to Tuscany this weekend, eat olives, feta cheese and drink fine wine.


Between Earth and Sky

La Crete

Paul Schillger

The Heart’s Truth

February 21, 2007

Manolis Tsantakis



I am privileged to work with what we call non-traditional students in the world of higher (ahem) education. Today I met with Kim who is just finishing her first term. She took a course called Reorientation to Higher Education to get her feet back into college life boots; she is a mother of 3 sons, a grandmother for the first time, married, and has worked all her life. She is ready to finish her bachelor’s degree, a life long goal.

The only homework assignment in this class is a writing assignment given by Jay, an astounding writing teacher who can teach you commas and how to discover your own story in one breath.

Kim took the assignment to heart.

She arrived to discuss the spring schedule, or so I thought.

The first thing she did was hand me her paper for the Reorientation class. She said to me, “Please read this and tell me if it is good.” I did. It was about her childhood. She told of a childhood rippling with Cinderella images. I was astounded.

She pulled out one of those black and white bound “notebooks” and showed me pages and pages of writing. She carries it everywhere she goes now.

She is telling her story.

She is not a victim, she is not sad; she is exuberant in her newfound journey. I know pain will come, she is in the truth of her heart and that is good for her. She told me so and my little office filled with her awareness and energy.

I want her to know that she is part of my story, an inspired one that I am privileged to be part of.

And you?

Have you found the truth of your heart?

Be well,




Monk Mahaparinirvana

Copyright: James Gritz

And Counting~~

January 20, 2007

Card Players

Dave Beckerman


A steamy 22 degrees after months (experientially speaking) of no winter. (Spellcheck has once again accused me of making up words. Really now….)

Maybe my poetry brain is frozen?

I am getting older, time for a temperate climate.

Send winning lottery ticket please.

Oh, and I have a highly social weekend planned. No one faint; the cave child does leave now and then.

To cooking and dining with friends!

Hoping you are much warmer than I am.



Swinging from the CherryTrees

Dave Beckerman

Minus Eleven~~

January 16, 2007

degrees, that is.

Things to be grateful for: No wind.



January 15, 2007



..and snowing and I feel the need to read pointless mysteries, listen to the snow, and cook. It is Thai Chicken night in the Kim Kottage, magic pot night with my nephew. I am in the quiet healing zone and it’s good.

My internal pressure to blog is napping.

See you in the snow…….



Snow Crosses

Craig Richards


December 17, 2006

From: Children

Artist: Steven Gelberg


Soon, I will be a daughter for 9 days in person. I was a cave child, I found earthen places in which to create worlds in. Behind the big bushes I cooked and built worlds.

So, I am leaving on Wednesday to be with my clan.I get to be an Aunt to some young ‘uns.

And a daughter, in the flesh.

My Dad spoils me, and I need that! (I sense he does too.)

We all cook and argue about who will cook what meal and when.

I did something I have never done. I put together 20 or so poems, played with the font a little, printed them on nice paper and a neighbor who works in a bindery loves to make books.

I am having a book of my poetry made for my father. At first I thought to myself: Nice. He has asked and now he will have his own book. After making the cover sheet, I started to feel things far deeper than how nice. I noticed the erotic poems did not make the cut. That was too much for me. Then I realized I would have to make sure there were tissues near by after I did the front page:

The Poetry of Kim Smith

For Guy Smith,

My Father,

Christmas 2006

Suddenly, after I printed this page, I realized I was documenting heritage, story, family and that I was part of a lineage of women writers. I learned this in 1997 at a family reunion. There were hand made books, Common Books, collages, poetry~~all stunning.

I had now put myself into the hands of future generations barring flood, fires or someone loosing the book.

Oh my.

And, I am doing this.

A real book, with a beautiful discarded binding my neighbor saved from the scrap heap at work.

A book

Holy Shit

My neighbor just stopped by to show me the book progress. I got tingles. There is just a leather binding to add.

Did I write: A book!


To My Father:


Photo by Pat Smith

Oh my…

November 11, 2006

Working minimum 9 hour days, chores, eat then bed or a moment here but not enough!

I am well loved.


And, under touched.

Send loving hands!

To my movie recommended by Ric Savid, pretty good so far!

Good night,



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