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January 15, 2008

I am a sloggy blogger. S.A.D? Depression? Distraction?

Bumm dee bumm……..




March 23, 2007

Cottage Near St. Remy

Wendy Leach


I was reported as mature content. I tracked down the meaning of the phrase and understood that it could very well mean someone found my blog offensive.


As my commentary states I seek connectivity. I wish the person who felt the need to “report” me could have “spoken” with me. It all seems so, so secretive. It feels icky. And, I do not feel icky about my blog.

This space feels like life and love to me. This is where I come to express my experience of humanity, others and my own. I do not expect or even hope that people will share or understand my relationship with the force that is life,

With my own and the universe’s life force.

Nudity is life to me. It is love. It is showing us our humanity.

It is who we are when we are not in our costumes.

(When I was 19 an older woman, 35 years old I think, taught me this word and the beauty that clothing can express about us, the eccentricities, the personalities, and the creativity we all have.)

And, I am one sensitive woosie woo woo, let me tell you. You can bet money and you will win the pot if you think: Uh oh, Kim is going to obsess some on this. Bingo! (Was his name….)

And, I experience my little corner of the universe as beauty.


Red Ribbon


Paul Shilliger


Being human, I am sad someone might find this offensive.

Oh well!

Tomorrow IS Friday and I am dining with my Mexican family tomorrow night. We will dine and play with play-dough and floam. ( I am stunned; floam is not in the spell-check!)

Yea baby!

Good night!


P.S. I truly think we should all go to Tuscany this weekend, eat olives, feta cheese and drink fine wine.


Between Earth and Sky

La Crete

Paul Schillger

This is me and my selves…

September 7, 2006

a compulsive expressive in the middle of a cathartic writing binge trying to figure out what I will be when my 46 year old woman self grows up or out. As cagey new agey as this may sound, I need to release. I do not care if I am read or not in this moment. Like I said, release is the medicine. Connectivity comes after the liberation of my angst, pain, idiocy, brilliance, neurosis, and damn need to use words. I am a literalist and poet, a multi-tasker with incredible focus, a turtle with a kinetic mind, a chain smoker who feels despite my addiction, and a perpetually present being. I was told I am never easy but worth it. This blog is the conduit from my brainsoulmind to the universe, and anything could show up here. I am gong to show you where the title came from now…