I believe in connectivity. I believe that all of us have more in common than we do not. There is nothing more or less than knowing your own humanity and how it is no different than another’s humanity.

I believe in story. That if we can tell our story we will evoke someone else’s story and the stories will exchange lives in images and a glimpse, but a story none the less.

I am here because I accept that I am a compulsive expressive. (I have yet to find a 12-step group for this!) But I am not the only human being who needs to express themselves. In a song by Ferron she sings about believing most people ache to express themselves. I believe this.

I have loved people who ached and had trouble finding their way. I want to know why. I want things different. I believe that peace begins with me. I am naive and obnoxious all in one.

And, sexuality and the erotic are never severed from love in my world. (When I first typed erotic I typod ertotic and decided: it is a word we can only discuss if you know the cosmic password. I love making up words. Yea!)


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8 Responses to “About”

  1. organbone said

    There is solice in silence
    but I see you know God, too
    walking amongst blades of grass
    and kissing us between our eyes.
    I have yet to find myself,
    but flowers grow from my every pore-
    I place a bud at your feet.

  2. qazse said

    well put, although I was not clear on the last paragraph.

    connectivity is a neat concept. a Buddhist writer named Tich Nat Hahn calls this concept/phenomenon “interbeing”.

    like the comment above also

  3. qazse said

    PS forgot to say I totally concur on the expressive thing. I consider it a neglected need. I think Abrham Maslow’s notion of self-actualization recognizes expression as need.

  4. kimtelas said

    The last paragraph is not clear. This happens sometimes and everything is a moment evolving for me. I even edit the poems I have posted here because I read them and something happens. I did risk editing the Ertotic line though!

    I work a regular job as an academic advisor, teach at night, edit, and come home do chores, and then write. So, sometimes it is 1AM and I write funky stuff.

    Thanks for letting me know it was, umm, unclear.

    I am stuck in an HTML only moment in my blog and I have the book but have not learned it yet so the paragraph will stick out there for a bit!

    I have no idea where my visual post option went!

    I have never heard or read about interbeing. Seems logical to how I exeperience life.

    I will take a look at Tich Nat Hahn.

    Thank you for reading and connecting,


  5. kimtelas said

    Dear organbone,

    I am deeply moved into no words……

    Solace me…….


  6. Lucky said

    Nice managed blog 🙂

    • kimtelas said

      Hi Lucky,

      Thank you. I operate from the “keep it simple” school of layout. That, and I lack motivation to learn HTML. Ahem.

      Happy New Year Lucky!


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