I Shit You Not…

November 21, 2007


…the last two nights Sammie, the wonder dog, has been clear eyed and RUNNING. We call the arthritic god am I old but so excited to see you cuz you got ‘da beef for dinner mama!




(not Sammie, but Sammie is this cool…)



November 20, 2007

…..wanders my life despite


~horrendous work pressure


~three weeks of migraines


~ a man who I knew should contact me, and did, as I was resting from risk-taking, stating to my questions: If you could invite five people to dinner, alive or not, famous or not, who would you invite and why? Included, me! Yet, in his Must Haves he clearly states the following: I must have a partner who is considered very attractive by most current standards. And, another must have was: I can’t stand someone who is overweight. I have written him, we are in open communication, and clearly stated that I am fat. I love life. Wonderment will get back to you on this ……..


~lack of money, lack of balanced diet, lack of balance, lack of a headlight on a suspended license, see lack of money, because it took me being pushed against the wall to register and pay taxes on the car I bought, oh!, see lack of money


~Wait! I have money it just leaves so quickly, we never talk anymore. Sigh.


~I think imbalance is a teacher, by the way, so there.


~I did not sleep last night. I slept this morning from 5 am to about 7:30. The night before a registration day, I am going to put that on my next resume under talents.


~And, to the short emails from my connections around the world, who touch me.


~To my advisee Jared, who clearly stated I need a younger man! Yea babeee……


~And to tonight’s movie, may it work this time, my third try from Netflix:


The Fantastic Planet!











November 18, 2007

Steven Gelberg has books and I want to share the link in case you are interested or are pondering how to find your way to my heart buy getting me one!

Steven Gelberg

And! Anwar has been busy boy. (I know, but I have a thing for alliteration!)

So, if you are in Paris stop by or if you feel like wooing me buy me a plane ticket to Paris!

Anwar Hossain:

May I have the pleasure of your company at the next three of

My film projections at Musee Guimet in Paris .

The details are highlighted in the Joint-file.

I would also love to invite you at the opening ceremony

Of my solo exhibition of photography “ VISIONS & LIGHTS

At the reception hall of Hospital Avicenne at Bobigny

On 13th December at 6.00 pm.

Sincerely yours

Photographer – Cinematographer
Tel: +33(0)1.4362.7784. raadheet@hotmail.com
http://anwarpix.com/.. http://anwarimage.com/


Photos from Anwar and Steven to cue your memory!




Anwar Hossain





Steven Gelberg

(Watching and Seeing)


November 18, 2007

A kindergarten pupil told his teacher he’d found a cat. She asked him if it was dead or alive.

“Dead.” she was informed.

“How do you know?” she asked her pupil.

“Because I pissed in its ear and it didn’t move” answered the child innocently.

“You did WHAT?!?” the teacher exclaimed in surprise.

“You know”, explained the boy, “I leaned over and went ‘Pssst!’ and it didn’t move.”







Steven Gelberg

From: Wedding Photos

Sammi the Wonder Dog

November 17, 2007

Is still with us……..

She came out of something and I am working on her engagement level. She sleeps a lot and will start a supposed wonder vitaimin next month.

We are still running a special home for 23 year old so ugly I am beautiful dog but life is in the moment and we smile muchly.

For the moment, it is Sammi time.




John Running

Accordionist for Alpine Wedding~Riffleberg, Switzerland

Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli




I am a solo artist in many ways, my marriage was more apart then in the same space, I have lived with significant others also. I am content with solitude and good love, in all forms. I also want to be open to what life is, umm, I think. I also like sex when it is in a true connection.

I am astounded, due to my own nature, at how people approach their need for connection.

Here is a run down:

Made it all the way to the send an 8000 character email part with one man, wrote what I thought was an articulate, considerate, energetic, inquiring and email. I took it sincerely, He closed the match, marked Other as his reason. He could have emailed me. For me, I think I will let my subscription slide, I have never seen so little risk taking in my life!

The flip side of this coin: I wrote a man and told him I did not think it would work between us. I needed more words, it is a language venue, and he and I were clearly different in that arena. He wrote back. Kim, whets the rush? If you need to close the match that is fine with me, but hey, we might have fun just writing. I wrote him back, he had a good point!

Another man, born in Italy, raised in India, when I wrote words in the messenger he responded and not with puzzlement. He asked me to call him, I did. He said he thought talking was not a good idea because his mind was in the gutter at that moment. My mistake, which I have apologized for, was to mislead myself into thinking I had cajoled him into talking. He hung up and shut his phone off, I know this because when asked he did indeed give a direct answer. I told him our communication styles were clearly incompatible.


Another man wrote me an energetic, loaded with question email based on viewing my profile on Yahoo Personals. It felt nice. We spoke on messenger and he has written more times than I can count that he wants to get close to my heart. Now we are dangling at the other end of the spectrum! I am a turtle plus I wonder how he already knows he wants this? He does not answer my questions. And, the last message said he missed me. Missed me? Who does he miss?

Wait, I am not done yet!

Another man messages me and said he liked my profile and was looking for a relationship. We finally talked and he clearly stated that he had never been married and was looking for the right woman, the one that would not hurt him. So, I inhaled, and gave him my take on life, hurt, healing, story and foundation. I mean, it was a conversation, yes? He said: You have been hurt, that is bad. I said, tell me about bad and what that means to you. Dead air. Finally, I wrote: Is there a problem? I thought we were having a conversation? No, I am thinking, he said. What are you thinking? Whether you are the right one for me. The, he logged off. Ahem.

Eharmony is guided communication and for me, when you finally get to the email part, there are things to say! Things to ask! Express! I do not go for the intimate entrails; I promise! The person who gets to write the first email varies based on who started the communication. I got my first email from a man that said: i am looking forward to getting to know you. Now, the sentiment is nice. And, yes, I realize we can’t all be compulsive expressive writer types, but it is a WRITING VENUE. I am at a loss. I will write him after I stop having rude reactions. He is probably doing the best he can and being rude in never something I seek. And, when I write back? I will ask questions. Will he answer?

What am I looking for? Well, we all know what we are looking for when we meet that energy. My goal is to stay open and see what is.


I will be officially taking a break from seeing what it is for a few days!

Bum Dee Dum…

I feel like watching—-Shark Tales! Finding Nemo!

I did watch a movie last night that had me in the seat: Celebration. Ouch!


Off to pizza, a lame mystery and some damn sleep.





Dalai Lama Sun Valley Idaho United States

Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli