You should know…

October 25, 2007


…that I lie.

And, I like exceptionally long naps!

Work, teaching; I have even been exercising, cleaning, caring for a 23 year old dog who will be leaving me next Thursday.She will go in her own home with the vet, his wife, and Kim to see her off to the next part of her journey.

One thing about death: You should be able to call those who die.

Who do I write about that?

Someday, I will write another poem!

Hey, someone said my yahoo profile was beautifully written today, they used the word wrought. I think this should count. Oh wait, I wrote that over a year ago. Damn.

One more thing, fall is coming. If you feel like wooing me, send propane!

Hey, I had two dates with the same guy too! No go, but I learned a lot. I thought of Suresh a lot! Silence is a powerful conveyor. This man never shut up, it was a phenomena. He has many qualities, but no match.

I need a 3 year nap.


This is not a photo of Sammi the wonder dog but the canine spirit.



I see Sammi after next Thursday, trotting down the road. Here ears are bouncing! She is off to find the next moment.


2 Responses to “You should know…”

  1. qazse said

    Sorry to read that Sammi is moving on. These animal bodies we share give out eventually…time for new lifetimes.

    “If you feel like wooing me, send propane!”

    “I need a 3 year nap.”


  2. kimtelas said

    Thank you qazse. As you read, you will know she is still with me, for the moment. Your post helped me, it takes me time to communicate sometimes.

    When I was on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota for a week I felt so at home, and it puzzled this white German English descent girl.

    Time, the way the folks I was hanging with did time. It was so normal for me!

    Again, thank you.


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