Red Rider of the Hood

September 2, 2007

Red Riding Hood in the Autumn

Jasmine Beckett-Griffith






Do not mistake

Ignorance or mis-fitting

In these subterranean woods

Where solace lies,


I find caves.

Napping on granite

Lichen covered couches,

Dreaming my way


In synchronous time

The wolf howls

As riveting minds

Imagine reality.


Dancing in rhythm with

creaking trees.

Leaves cackling in

The winter breeze,


I solace the creatures

Of these woods.






Mistress of the Wolves

Jessica Galbreth


9 Responses to “Red Rider of the Hood”

  1. simone74 said

    Love your poems and your paintings. I already have a link to your website on my blog but would love to paste some of this poem? giving you full credit of course by the link.

  2. miss hood looks a tad…
    naughty… so when in the woods
    ask ‘are you eighteen?’

  3. qazse said

    I love this poem. Great imagery and attitude.

    LQ’s advise is helpful

  4. birdsword said


    thanks for the recent visit and words of encouragement. It has been difficult to write lately. Poetry Th. inspired me b.c. I liked the concept of writing a poem with others, all posting at once. It was, fun…now my inspiration seems to have wilted.

    I really do love the imagery in this poem. Beautiful!


  5. kimtelas said

    Thank you qazse! It’s my new adventure, fractured fairy tales.


  6. kimtelas said


    I am such misbehaving blogger! Yes, it is fine if you copy and paste my poems to your page.

    Thank you for enjoying my writing and the others I post here.

    I am a moody blogger, I can leave then I compulse. I can do in between too.


    Thanks Simone,


  7. kimtelas said


    Naughty? Most excellent. Naughty is knowing where the fun is, fun is knowing the joy.


  8. birdsword said

    Beautiful poem, I tried to comment a couple of days ago, but my work computer does not like to post comments…must be some chip admin/IT embedded into the computer to keep us out of comments!

    Anyway the poem is fabulous, and I thank you for visiting my site and your desire to inspire!

  9. kimtelas said

    Hey birdsword mama goddess poet of the blogosphere!

    Thanks for visiting. I am so busy that writing and or blogging has no head space.

    I would be happy to send email writing prompts!

    Yea, this poem, along with Cinderella, are totally new areas for me. I finally left elementary school, I think I am about 7th grade level now!


    Thanks, truly.


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