This Blog Thang

July 27, 2007


Edward Gordon




First of all, who are all the people zipping past/through my blog??

Secondly, it has been 80-100 degrees for 2 weeks. I turned 47 years old and threw my own party in 97 degree weather. Next time: I make a list with contact information and someone else throws it. Please note my age and the temperature. Send ice packs and big ass fans baby.

Thirdly, I need a stimulating date damn it. I will dress properly, trust me. I am interesting, therefore, I will be interesting. I like good food from peasant fare to gourmet. Wait, bread and cheese IS gourmet. I want it to last 6 hours. I want good wine. I laugh good. And, instead of a rose, please bring me a new window air conditioner with a rose sticking out of the vents. Yea, that will do!

Fourth, I am a living poem not a writer of poems. I am full of shit. And I write. In my head on the highway, flying through 80 miles of fucking corn a day. So there.

Fifth: Who the hell are all the people “viewing” my heat stroked, lethargic, my brain fried, you post the writing blog? I mean I came here to connect and life is good. Thirty hits a day was fine with me. It is a fling flang mystery. That’s it, it’s my birthday gift, a mystery.

Sixth, in lieu of ice packs send intelligent, spiritual folks to fan me. Visuals are not my top priority. I love what a man who is actually interested in me said in his profile: I look for the beauty of the soul, not the body. When I can afford freakin’ EHarmony I will write this magical man, if only to hang out and watch butterflies together.


Great Peacock Moth

Vincent Van Gogh


7 Responses to “This Blog Thang”

  1. kimtelas said

    Are you hiding a rose and an air conditioner!??!?!

    Greetings back to you Sathiyan!


  2. kimtelas said


    One more thing!


    I now know who one visitor is! 150 more to go!


  3. markhh said

    Dear Kim,

    Remember me? Mark Holland-Hicken… you think you could get in touch? I might have a project that you would be interested in.

    Kind regards,

    Mark HH

  4. organbone said

    I miss your poetry and writings, ramblings, mind-slingings; Kim Telas, where are you? Happy birthday, and many more: you can only get younger from here. Keep poeming please.

  5. kimtelas said


    Who knew?!?!

    Wow, thanks for penning!


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