This Blog Thang

July 27, 2007


Edward Gordon




First of all, who are all the people zipping past/through my blog??

Secondly, it has been 80-100 degrees for 2 weeks. I turned 47 years old and threw my own party in 97 degree weather. Next time: I make a list with contact information and someone else throws it. Please note my age and the temperature. Send ice packs and big ass fans baby.

Thirdly, I need a stimulating date damn it. I will dress properly, trust me. I am interesting, therefore, I will be interesting. I like good food from peasant fare to gourmet. Wait, bread and cheese IS gourmet. I want it to last 6 hours. I want good wine. I laugh good. And, instead of a rose, please bring me a new window air conditioner with a rose sticking out of the vents. Yea, that will do!

Fourth, I am a living poem not a writer of poems. I am full of shit. And I write. In my head on the highway, flying through 80 miles of fucking corn a day. So there.

Fifth: Who the hell are all the people “viewing” my heat stroked, lethargic, my brain fried, you post the writing blog? I mean I came here to connect and life is good. Thirty hits a day was fine with me. It is a fling flang mystery. That’s it, it’s my birthday gift, a mystery.

Sixth, in lieu of ice packs send intelligent, spiritual folks to fan me. Visuals are not my top priority. I love what a man who is actually interested in me said in his profile: I look for the beauty of the soul, not the body. When I can afford freakin’ EHarmony I will write this magical man, if only to hang out and watch butterflies together.


Great Peacock Moth

Vincent Van Gogh


Spider Man

July 2, 2007



Swinging in the sky,

he makes bad guys cry.

Doc Occ is hardly a match,

Venom only gives scratch.

Though these villains are but fair

his real problem is his average day.

With all his friends and Mary Jane,

the web-head’s life can be a


Elijah Smith

11 going on 30

my boy boy


Sea Turtle

July 2, 2007

Sea Turtle

Lisa Denning




swimming swimming through

the sea.

oh how old she could be.



by olivia smith

age 7
my i believe in fairies niece