This Moment

March 13, 2007

Girl in the Cold River

Ric Savid




I am stymied by love, grief, joy, loss and gain.

I am going to work and working a lot. I have 8 pieces of writing hanging out in my computer. Yes, that is how I write. I am an evolutionary writer, so there.

Love is always the answer.

Action is not, though it can be the solution also. I have this personality that needs space and time, time and space, all the same meanings, for what I experience. Working requires, as I know how to cope, that these moments be set aside. If I did not set them aside, I would not function as an Academic Adviser. Eating is a good thing, yes?

How do we fit all of ourselves into our life? Or, how do we release all of ourselves?

I feel completely alone and completely embraced.

I am being in what is me and that feels demanding at times. Demanding because moments are not allowed freedom when one has to answer the phone, fill a class, academic advise, and do what is caring for that human being who is a student.

I sometimes wonder how I came to this place. Once, I was working with Karen, a therapist, and out of my mouth flew the words, “I am bigger than my life.”

She was a quiet woman and I paid attention when she spoke. She said, “Maybe your weight is related to this?” She had a point! At that time, my size sometimes felt like all I had. Today my size is just that, a size.

Maybe this is rambling that cannot become a poem in this moment. Maybe I have written the answer to life. Maybe both.

Good Night.






2004:Female Figure:2

David Kofton


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