Into the Dark

February 27, 2007


Amar Khoday



There were stairs they were steep

I was falling falling deep

You were there you were small

There was screaming down the hall


I’ve been here sleeping all these years

There comes a time we all know

There’s a place that we must go

Into the soul into the heart

Into the dark





Mark Esposito



There was fire there was death

There was lying on your breath

I turned away I would pretend

But the burning never ends


I’ve been here sleeping all these years

There was a wave over the house

There was fear choked in my mouth

You were there you left your mark

As I stumbled in the dark



Melissa Etheridge




Heather’s Gate

John Running




2 Responses to “Into the Dark”

  1. in response to the picture of the woman pushing the tree by the rocks…

    goddess emerges
    from the dark, cavernous depths
    rages coming change

  2. kimtelas said

    I am such a rude host liquidquick! I just realized I did not respond here.

    Thank you for the eloquent haiku commentary on the emerging woman. I saw her as emerging, not in reverie also.



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