Be Near Me

February 24, 2007

Copyright James Gritz


You who demolish me, you whom I love

be near me. Remain near me when evening,

drunk on the blood of the skies,

becomes night, in its one hand

a perfumed balm, in the other

a sword sheathed in the diamond of stars.



Be near me when night laments or sings,

or when it begins to dance,

in steel blue anklets ringing with grief.



Be here when longings, long submerged

in the heart’s waters resurface

and when everyone begins to look:

Where is the assassin In whose sleeve

is hidden the redeeming knife?




Vladamir Kush


And when wine, as it is poured, is the sobbing

of children whom nothing will console-

when nothing holds,

when nothing is:

at that dark hour when night mourns,

be near me, my destroyer, my lover,

be near me.


Faiz Ahmed Faiz





Xavier Jarry-Lacombe


2 Responses to “Be Near Me”

  1. kimtelas said

    Glad you found it so.

    Your web page is not loading. Are you down?

    I would like to read your work!

    Thanks for stopping by..


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