The Heart’s Truth

February 21, 2007

Manolis Tsantakis



I am privileged to work with what we call non-traditional students in the world of higher (ahem) education. Today I met with Kim who is just finishing her first term. She took a course called Reorientation to Higher Education to get her feet back into college life boots; she is a mother of 3 sons, a grandmother for the first time, married, and has worked all her life. She is ready to finish her bachelor’s degree, a life long goal.

The only homework assignment in this class is a writing assignment given by Jay, an astounding writing teacher who can teach you commas and how to discover your own story in one breath.

Kim took the assignment to heart.

She arrived to discuss the spring schedule, or so I thought.

The first thing she did was hand me her paper for the Reorientation class. She said to me, “Please read this and tell me if it is good.” I did. It was about her childhood. She told of a childhood rippling with Cinderella images. I was astounded.

She pulled out one of those black and white bound “notebooks” and showed me pages and pages of writing. She carries it everywhere she goes now.

She is telling her story.

She is not a victim, she is not sad; she is exuberant in her newfound journey. I know pain will come, she is in the truth of her heart and that is good for her. She told me so and my little office filled with her awareness and energy.

I want her to know that she is part of my story, an inspired one that I am privileged to be part of.

And you?

Have you found the truth of your heart?

Be well,




Monk Mahaparinirvana

Copyright: James Gritz


2 Responses to “The Heart’s Truth”

  1. I just lvoed this post. profound question is what you have posed to us. Love it.

  2. kimtelas said

    I love this post also. I love that it has nothing to do with me. I love that she was ready and open. I love her joy and her pain. I love her exuberance.

    I love her intelligence and that she is applying that gift to her heart and soul all because she came to college. That is higher education my friend!

    Some days my job actually gets to be true work.

    Work being the natural expression of energy in Kim’s book. Sometimes, just maybe, if we are lucky, we have moments of work in our jobs.

    This question is my life right now!

    A junctures in life where we know our happiness is in our own hands, not matter how much it hurts! Eh?

    And how amazing that this woman, that I share a namesake with, is discovering and experiencing the truth of her heart.

    I wonder.

    Can we find the truth of our hearts?

    I believe we can.

    I at least, as of today, believe I can. I can glimpse her from here.

    How astounding that a random phone call, thus, a new student, is engaged in soul finding in this moment as I am. And, we are in the same room.

    Life is good.


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