Spring is Coming!

February 21, 2007


I know it is. It is 35 degrees out at 1:31 AM.

Oh my, I realize I have to budget my garden now!

Woo Hootie!

Sun and muddy floors are my joy. (What can I say with 4 cats and a dog who have had cabin fever for 4 weeks!)

Get down with my bodacious spring ass self. And, who cares if it snows again? It’s coming!

Playing in the Mud Kim



Lorissa Shepstone


4 Responses to “Spring is Coming!”

  1. davidbdale said

    I know I am in the presence of a poet when I read your casual tossed-off remarks and they thrill me so, Kim! The sheer joy in “my bodacious spring ass self” is worth full stanzas from The Romantics, or any other school of verse that doesn’t know how to celebrate the rambunctiousness of spring.

  2. WOW! I am impressed with davidbdales comments. Kim looks like your fan list is really growing and hope I am there in your list and if not I would like to renew my subscription 🙂

  3. kimtelas said

    davidbale of the heritage is me name~~

    Well, would you like to play in the mud with me this weekend?

    Friday is a welcome moment. Mud sounds good.

    When I was a child we had these large bushes where I could go under and in. I created my own worlds there and cooked gourmet meals with the mud.

    Sheryl Crow: The Neighborhood
    Global Sessions

    Great Friday drive home song!

    Thank you for appreciating what is me, which is a fine thing indeed that nothing can compare to.


    Ugly scrabbly links to the song:



  4. kimtelas said

    Oh Suresh,

    We grow despite ourselves somedays. You are my number one fan. I know that whether you post or not.


    I no longer need to assign meaning to the spaces.


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