January 24, 2007


Matt and Erika

Steven Gelberg





Not speaking of the way,
Not thinking of what comes after,
Not questioning name or fame,
Here, loving love,
You and I look at each other


Yosana Akiko


6 Responses to “Poem”

  1. lifewords said

    What a gorgeous poem.

  2. kimtelas said

    I am in love with this woman and her poetry.

    I need a book!

    Thank you both.

    lifewords, I have been glancing and reading your way, I wish I could write like you do! There is this solidity to your work I dream of finding in my own.

    photopage must know by now I want to marry him and his camera! He is quite the storyteller. lifewords, you might enjoy!

    She is up too late in the below zero weather.

    Sock me with a warm blanket, now!



  3. kimtelas said

    Ho oh!!!

    To you to thing fine double digit morning in the plains.



  4. kimtelas said

    I have to wake up! Thing=this!

    bum dee dum….

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