Am I Getting Through (Part One)

January 20, 2007


I am strong
I am able
I spill milk on your table
Then I crawl like a baby
Just to see if you save me


I am sweet
I am ugly
I am mean if you love me
I’ll try hard just to please you
When I say I don’t need you


I dress up with a conscience
When I think you’ll be watching
I say all the right things
I don’t know what I mean




Am I
Am I
Getting Through
Am I
Am I
Getting Through


I am ignorant and rude

I am fashionably crude
And sometimes when it’s quiet
I’m an angel in white


When I pose in the mirror
I want everyone near me
I am scared that I’m weird
I’m afraid I am queer


I am lovely and weak
I am foul when I speak
I am strange when I’m kind
I am frying my mind




I don’t care, I don’t care


Jesus loves me I know

For my mom told me so
I’m a loser at love
I’m a flower in the mud


{Chorus Twice}

Sheryl Crow





Mark Holland-Hicken


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