The Christmas Story…

December 31, 2006


South Dakota USA

QT Luong


Ah, after a few days of learning my parents emotional map of the moment: anxiety, we then entered the Christmas of the Flu.

A note: the anxiety is understandable because of major life changes and getting older is not always a bed of rose petals.

The flu? You do not want to know. Let’s just says it is an apartment, the bottom half of a retired farm house, with one bathroom. Kim found herself in a outdoor lounge chair set up in the kitchen nudged close to the stove so as to not impair traffic from other locations in the home, so she could access the proper room easily. The basement boudoir was too distant. All other beds and surfaces were taken, this includes carpeted floor space.

What I learned? My family is a family. I took care of them and they took care of me. I do not require much as a sick person but I do know this: It was much better hearing their voices being sick than being alone with too many pets! (I am also grateful that I am an emotional genius and do know to live with other living beings given I do not have humans to live with at this time.)

And, for my return home? Nebraska is having a winter moment for the first time this season. So here is the check list:

Shelter? Check

Heat? Check

Food? Check

New Years Even special menu? Check

Candles? Check

Movies? Check

Aromatherapy? Check

(I do not get television so no big ball teary moment for me tonight.)

So, here is to another year and some weather that makes sense.

Happy New Year,





Three Trees

Gidrius Varnas


2 Responses to “The Christmas Story…”

  1. qazse said

    and a happy 2007 to you too!
    hope the flu is behind you
    no pun intended…

  2. kimtelas said

    Thank you qazse!

    The flu is done, at least that strain.

    Sometimes goods things are not always fun, I have a family that cares for each other and for that I am thankful!


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