December 17, 2006

From: Children

Artist: Steven Gelberg


Soon, I will be a daughter for 9 days in person. I was a cave child, I found earthen places in which to create worlds in. Behind the big bushes I cooked and built worlds.

So, I am leaving on Wednesday to be with my clan.I get to be an Aunt to some young ‘uns.

And a daughter, in the flesh.

My Dad spoils me, and I need that! (I sense he does too.)

We all cook and argue about who will cook what meal and when.

I did something I have never done. I put together 20 or so poems, played with the font a little, printed them on nice paper and a neighbor who works in a bindery loves to make books.

I am having a book of my poetry made for my father. At first I thought to myself: Nice. He has asked and now he will have his own book. After making the cover sheet, I started to feel things far deeper than how nice. I noticed the erotic poems did not make the cut. That was too much for me. Then I realized I would have to make sure there were tissues near by after I did the front page:

The Poetry of Kim Smith

For Guy Smith,

My Father,

Christmas 2006

Suddenly, after I printed this page, I realized I was documenting heritage, story, family and that I was part of a lineage of women writers. I learned this in 1997 at a family reunion. There were hand made books, Common Books, collages, poetry~~all stunning.

I had now put myself into the hands of future generations barring flood, fires or someone loosing the book.

Oh my.

And, I am doing this.

A real book, with a beautiful discarded binding my neighbor saved from the scrap heap at work.

A book

Holy Shit

My neighbor just stopped by to show me the book progress. I got tingles. There is just a leather binding to add.

Did I write: A book!


To My Father:


Photo by Pat Smith


10 Responses to “Time…”

  1. photopage said

    What’s your father’s name?

  2. I can see some lines of his face on you, Nice photo!

  3. qazse said

    Kim, have a wonderful time within the action that is family. I hope you take a picture(s) of the bound book to post for us to see.

    Happy holiday trails.

  4. npeterson said

    There is a lovely accomplishment of giving the gift of yourself, your words, a bit of you to be shared and kept. I am sure your father (who needs to spoil you) will feel spoiled, too.

  5. davidbdale said

    That’s about the sweetest thing I’ve read this holiday season, Kim. Between cooking together and adding to the lineage of books, it’s all so very . . . nourishing.

  6. kimtelas said

    Hi Suresh,

    Yes, I have my Dad’s face and the chin to go with it! I wish I was as photogenic as he is.

    Take care,


  7. kimtelas said


    Well the action was full of adjustment, amazing moment, being a rockin’ Aunt, and the flu!

    I was glad to not be alone, that is for sure.

    I will ask my mother for a photo of the book.

    I made sure the tissues were near. It blew him away.

    Take care,


  8. kimtelas said

    Dear npeterson,


    He was moved and I am glad the inspiration came to me. The spoiling the daughter was a little limited due to illness, sigh!

    That’s okay, life is a raging river and I can remember that because I teach Luigi Pirandello!(Oh, umm, Italian play right with a cool short story called War that I teach).

    I did accomplish something, didn’t I?

    I did not view it in that light, thank you!


  9. kimtelas said

    Dear David,

    Yes, it is nourishing in many ways. This year my parents set aside nights for us to cook so we would not argue! Woo Hoo!

    This is an interesting note: My two brothers and I both cook, neither of their wives are cooks. They can manage but have no interest. One is a wonderful baker though!

    On the other hand, I hope I have not painted a rose colored picture here. We have our tensions and closets!

    I do not know if my gift was sweet. I caught a little bit of the Fountainhead while there and the impulse to create has no philanthropy attached to it for me. This struck personal home when I was watching the movie.

    At the same time, once you create the rest is up to you.

    Take care,


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