December 12, 2006


Mark Esposito



in the yes of

in wonderment,
the moment’s petal dropping,

when i said yes~
talking over the lines

exchanging power’s love
guiding into space~

your hand across
my ass

spoke infinity
in one touch

that can never
be imagined














From: Woman Series

Anwar Hossain


4 Responses to “Surrender”

  1. photopage said

    “spoke infinity
    in one touch”
    Beautiful words- Kim.

  2. kimtelas said


    Do you ever take a photo and wonder where it came from?

    Writing is like that for me. If I keep doing it, sometimes, I find a few words that capture something, somehow. It requires that I not think too much yet utilize language at the same time.

    Bit of a challenge some days cuz I am prone to thinking, too much! (My words, I promise)

    Thank you for enjoying.


  3. photopage said

    Yes! Kim. It happened to me.

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