I Love You

November 25, 2006

2003 Male Figure One

David Kofton


"i love you"
roars the speaking silence

bliss infinite, magnitude uttered


mouth pauses before
the beast's blessing
cascading upon minutiae


suspended in collision
no wall, no chair
no hands caressing hands


anima to anima
volition to volition
heart to heart


cock to cunt
traversing concentric bonds
in unknown cellular heart


insurgence births, love's creation
first born to each
resonance in our lover’s tongues


it is all there is
it is not enough
it is endless still


ravishing delves this place
never stopping, never lingering


it is its own entity
it is but love restored in piety


kimberly elizabeth smith



2004 Eroticism Two

David Kofton


4 Responses to “I Love You”

  1. Brilliant! very erotic and hot!

  2. kimtelas said

    Well, that’s how love is in Kim’s world. Some seperate them, I do not. In some ways, I cannot in others I just won’t.

    So there.

    Which is brilliant?

    David Kofton?

    (Who lives in Deer Isle Maine, a place I would LOVE to live)And who is clearly briiliant in my book and yours, as we already know. We are now posting David with full permission!

    Or the poem?

    It’s unclear…

    (Hint Hint)

    Thanks for commenting Suresh.


  3. yeah ! Let me Clarify

    KIM -u r Brilliant As Always!

  4. kimtelas said

    Most excellent.

    And, I hate to burst your bubble, but I am not always brilliant. I have brilliant moments,yes.

    Thank you for the stroke!


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