The view from here….

November 23, 2006




Route 66

Christopher Leary




I do write, for those of you wondering, and I am here and there in this blog. I need to make an announcement to my release needs and the universe. I am teaching a lot. I teach one on one and small groups Intro to Literature. None of them are English majors. I am tutoring an amazing, articulate, and inspiring Japanese woman who attends our Masters in Counseling Program.

I am part of a three adult parenting team to my nephew who is in crisis. He and his mother are both crashing into each other in dangerous ways.

He has been with me two nights now and I see the pattern continuing as we try to help my nephew through his moment. It is adolescence but with a dark bite and a deep fear that leads to immense rage.

I am the funky aunt.

I was writing every night until the opportunity to teach and work with the Japanese student arose. There was a scheduling collision! Lack of balance rules the day in some ways but not in others.

Teaching and working with people one on one with writing: These are my bliss.

And, opportunity knocked for me to grow even more in these parts of me. I want out of my current career field and into the world of language and I want it with a paycheck!

So, I am in withdrawal from not writing, I need headspace to write.

But I still have a compulsive need to express so I share through other’s poetry and art.

That’s the news from kimsville!





Night Chess


Dave Beckerman






5 Responses to “The view from here….”

  1. Bice said

    At least you’re filling that space/need in a positive way. There is a lot of good work already written worthy of highlighting here.

    Thanks for explaining where you’re coming from on this. And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Kim!

  2. Good to know that you are enjoying your teaching . Ia ms ure like most us your students will also be touched and loved by you.

  3. kimtelas said


    Thank you for appreciating an explanation. I love dialogue Allen.

    Suresh, I do not know if they love me. I know they find me demanding and most of them learn from me, so far. I have had some misses but then, I am not in control of another human’s decisions. I am good with that most days.

    I teach thinking and that seems to throw them!

    It is my joy.

    Glad to see you both.


  4. there is honor in
    guiding the young away from
    a blackening flame

  5. kimtelas said

    Well, thank you liquidquick. Good to know I have some honor in my life. Eh?

    And, in haiku form comes the comment.

    Thank you,


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