Inez, When Someone Tells You You’re a Bitch

November 18, 2006


Woman with Crow

Pablo Picasso





Inez, when someone tells you you’re a bitch,
you’ve got a million comebacks. I’m supposed to think
you’re some old woman full of aches and creaks-
that’s your genius, dear: you cover your shit.

You have a dirty mouth; you love to use it:
once you start, no magpie can compete.
You’re louder than a string of firecrackers.
You thrive on noise, you love to make a stink.

You crank out lies until a girl can’t think.
You charms are much exaggerated. Still, Inez,
the problem isn’t you, you cruel pussy.

The way I love you is a sin. I know it-
but the way you fuck me is no trick. Your hard-on’s real,
and I’m a field just waiting to be plowed.





Francisco Bernini






By SorJuana

From: Sor Juana’s Love Poems

Poemas De Amor

Translations By: Joan Larkin, Jaime Manrique


2 Responses to “Inez, When Someone Tells You You’re a Bitch”

  1. Mmm. Kim, You are getting better and better like old wine. It’s high time you bring out your book now and You can be assured of first buyer!

  2. kimtelas said

    Hi Suresh,

    A book now, eh?

    I am making a book for my father this Christmas, my poetry and a friend told me how I can do it.

    Well, as long as you are the first buyer, I will ocnsider it.

    Thank you Suresh,


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