Passive Aggression

November 14, 2006



Elly Simmons





On Passive Aggression
by David Hodges


Wolf will bite.
Sheep will bleat.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing
Has weapons.






Stone Fox, Myogangi, Alaska Misuke

Laura Turley


4 Responses to “Passive Aggression”

  1. davidbdale said

    Why, Kim! What a lovely surprise! I find myself put to such illuminating use.

  2. dragons may carry
    weapons, but the fox should not
    gods weep at the sight

  3. kimtelas said

    Thank you David.

    Glad we could create something together.


  4. kimtelas said


    Thank you for your haiku comments, I love them, truly.

    It’s like the creativity/fun never stops.


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