Much Better Now!

November 12, 2006






Henri Matisse





Against the Wind

Dale Wicks





Tree Pruitt




Working on Mysteries

Dale Wicks




Lovers II

Elly Simmons




The Celestial Life Generator

Jack Haas



Now I can go to bed!

Good night!








5 Responses to “Much Better Now!”

  1. qazse said

    you have such a great eye for art

  2. qazse said

    you have such a great eye for art
    thank you for your efforts

  3. kimtelas said

    Well, qasze,

    It is my therapy.

    And, I am a compulsive expressive. This does not mean I just need to express words but what I feel and how others tell my story for me also.

    And, I am glad you enjoy! To not share this would be sad, eh?


  4. creative1 said

    Hello! I’m very pleased and proud to have my work be included with such wonderfully expressive pieces. That you find any sort of personal connection and ability for self expression by sharing my image blows my mind! That is just what it’s all about — that’s the point in making the effort in the first place. I thank you for this confirmation and the life you have given the piece by your attention. I am touched.
    Many blessings! — Tree Pruitt

  5. kimtelas said

    Dear Tree,

    Thank you for visting my corner of expressiveness.

    I have been reading your other blog and tracked down word that Restrictions is a series.

    Woo Hootie!

    I am hunting the pieces down because I feel a poem.

    I am glad you feel good about being here with my expressive needs. I need the visual to round out the words some days. It is a desire, a need, it’s what the visual artist brings to me and my own realities.

    We make each other real. Yes?

    I am glad you are touched. I never want an artist to not sense my true convictions when I post their work.


    One of my life’s missions. The world gets smaller and bigger all at once when we connect.

    Thank you; we too are touched by your presence here.


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