Corn Fog

November 8, 2006














Blacktop driving drifts
Reflecting the corn stalks

Vapors twine within the dirt
Corn wound in swirls of steam

Cooling in the fields

Hand to dampened forehead in the
Garden when July rules all that is

Feeling the touch of mist upon my
Breast heaving in the heated damp

Could I but touch this mouthful of air
This inhalation of dirt, my own buried seeds

I would grow the world a universe



4 Responses to “Corn Fog”

  1. reminds me of my home town, great photo and nice framing!

  2. Allen said

    This was a very nice piece of work. Loved the descriptive phrasing!

  3. kimtelas said

    Dear Suresh,

    You know, when I imagine India, in my “ignorance”, I never visualized a cornfield. Thank you.

    And, I cannot take credit for the framing!

    Glad you enjoyed this photo.

    Nice to see you also.


  4. kimtelas said

    Dear Allen,

    Thank you for visiting.

    I have had this idea saved for a while. I was driving to work, the fog was thick, and the corn appeared surreal and real at the same time.

    Then, the summers in Nebraska are humid by my standards. It is not New Orleans but it is hot! Too hot for Kim, that is for sure.

    Thanks, this one cooked for a bit.


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