My Weekend(s)

November 5, 2006

I have had my 15 year old nephew at my house two weekends in a row and this weekend I am at his house caring for him and three “sisters”, no child in this house is biologically born from these friends, either adopted or foster care. All teenagers folks. I finally got to take a shower and mayhem broke out!

Hmm. I emailed my writing pieces in progress to myself. Uh huh.

Yea, and their fancy city cable DSL disconnects constantly! I live in a town of 448 with phone DSL and never have a problem.

So, there is the plot from Kim’s corner of the world.

I just dropped two of them off at the libary after an almost disasterous morning with my nephew. Alone in the car, exhaustion took over.

How does my friend Jack do it? In reality there are 5 kids in this house all with unique and often extenuating needs. Amazing. Three adopted and two in foster care,

Here is to Jack: The Big Daddy of them All!


Lorissa Shepstone

Take care,


PS. This photo expresses my love for these children. It in no way reflects a peaceful weekend!


2 Responses to “My Weekend(s)”

  1. You are one lucky woman to be surrouded by so much Love! By coincidence i did the same thing, I gathered my own kid and few other kids last week and had a blast at nearby mountains!

  2. kimtelas said


    I know for a fact you had more fun than I did. The love is real, the distress I had to navigate was scary for me. It involved knives and physicality and teenager’s whose development at times has been stolen.

    I think the mountains would have been a better venue for all of us. Nebraska is short on mountains!

    Thank you Suresh,

    Can I come next time?


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