October 30, 2006


Anwar Hossain


Yea, I sit in ashes,
Kohl my eyes,
With hennaed hands,
Shells, bells, and hell.

Smoke for breakfast,
Scrubbing the stones,
Polishing the wares,
I am the scullery princess whore.

What do you know?

These dirty feet, drag
Queen in disguise,
With sisters oblivious
On the horizon,

Waiting for their horse………

Dirty feet walk me
In the beast’s beauty.
Do not pretend to know me,
This gnashing wakefulness,

This love …..

Bearing Psyche,
In garden thorns,
Petal’s scent, shadow
Soiled dirt beneath these nails.

Your fairy tales….

Keep you from the
Touch of lust’s long
Yearning that brings you
To your selves.

Those sisters…

I am the pity you feel,
Sent by those who dare
Not glimpse the mirror
In the darkness of their love.

And the never ending road reveals..

Rare essence standing,
Tattered gypsy detritus,
Who knows where love
Lives, hides, and breaths.

I found her…..

Coming of age in a cindered cage,
Reading dusted ashes for signs,
Knowing intention’s message,
Hearing the breezes breath.















Trevino Tohil


4 Responses to “Cinderella”

  1. two comments about today’s pictures. firstly, that’s one scary-assed place to pole dance. secondly, its a shame that men’s usage of henna seems to be limited to warmongering by upper class soldiers. it will be interesting to see if the current western henna trend branches out to both sexes, or remains largely a feminine artform.

    very evocative poem. my favorite line is ‘tattered gypsy detritus’. makes me think of a hastily broken down camp.

  2. howard said

    Coming of age in a cindered cage,
    Reading dusted ashes for signs
    Knowing intention’s message,
    Hearing the breezes breath.

    I thought the whole final stanza was quite stirring. I’ve always been fascinated by folks who can make the lines flow with the imagery – the first and last lines of the stanza especially.

  3. kimtelas said

    Dear liquidquick man,

    I love this. I didn’t envision it as pole dancing. Excellent! I like your gypsy camp experience, muchly!

    So, now I am being educated about Henna. I will do some reading here. I was experiencing the imagery internally when I wrote this. I will bone up on the subject. Thank you for this commentary.

    I visit Soul Food Cafe and am learning to move beyond my focus in writing. I read about fractured fairy tales and my childhood was so into the Cinderella myth. I even bought the old musical version I grew up with.

    I want to relive it as an adult who senses the fullness of being human.

    Plus, sometimes, illusion irritates me!

    Thanks for reading.


  4. kimtelas said

    Dear Howard,

    You know, I like that stanza the best myself. Something happened when I wrote it.

    I am tweaking this poem as it sits out in the open. I find that there comes a point when you have to let a poem breath to see what else is going to happen. This blogs allows my poetry that space.

    Howard, I appreciate your comment and your visit.

    Words have been an awkward road for me in many ways. A friend, several years ago, pointed out that my poetry was choppy and that poetry involved rhythm too. Now I read out loud.

    His lesson was a life long one! Rhythm allows for other dimensions to take place in the poetry.

    Thank you,


    PS I appreciate your fascination, just for the record: I am certain I personally am not that fascinating!

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