October 24, 2006

Mi Madre

Trevino Tohil


It is the mother who says:
Don’t don’t
In the do doing.
Yes, yes, she whispers to first steps.
Who keeps you alive so you can do the doing?

Who heals her imperfection
In hopes of mortality’s endless song?

In the dream time of the mother
Death springs eternal,
Life an ever moving hummingbird,
Beauty’s lightening strikes daily,
Infinity is her meaning.

We take what is given.
We take what is not.

We are everlasting
Through her
Nurturance Kali-dancing~
Speaking ripples,
In robust time the mother waits forever

Once we mother ourselves,
We know the worth of motherhood.
We know the irreversible
Continuum she lives.

When we know this,
We know mother.

kimsmith 1990’s



RR and Multiple Arms

Amar Khoday


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