Kim’s Update

October 22, 2006

Hello World,

Hmm. Emailed 63 artists and with 23 responses, 1 no, and 22 yes! Interactive to nice, invitations to meet in Paris, kindness, and great educational words on copyright and posting others work, and a collaboration offer, which I accepted. That is all I am telling you, so there.

Upsetting Lynda dismays me but I am a person who says: “Learn from it now.” So, I am. And, I thank her for that.

The universe is a lot bigger these days.

Apologies for the Pushkin poem font, as I posted once: Some day I will learn HTML. Uh huh.

Learning HTML requires that I put my expressive compulsion aside. Wait, it’s a compulsion. Right.

I am actually working on a fractured fairy tale poem that feels almost cooked enough for public, which means I will then over weeks slowly change little things in it. How is that?

Maybe qazse knows?


PS Spellcheck says your name is a mystery qazse.

To vision……


The Merry Maidens

Laura Turley


2 Responses to “Kim’s Update”

  1. that’s good news – I like how you juxtapose the written and visual mediums

  2. kimtelas said

    Hi Ellen,

    My juxtaposition buddy!

    I do too, that is why I took heed and have been sending emails out of time! And, given my compulsion for art I have many more to send. I am mellowing on that now that I have permission from 25 artists.

    I glimpsed at your page. I have too many cats! Oh my, I think we have something in common here.

    They are so kind to let us live with them, aren’t they?

    Thank you Ellen,


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