Grr for the Night

October 20, 2006

Okay World,

I have emailed, I stopped counting, that many artists.

Note to Online Artists: Please empty your mail boxes!

Thank you,


PS I just want to say: Today was an amazing day and the universe became smaller all because of words, thoughts, visions, and what I refer to as soul.

And, I have been listening to Etta James-Time after Time- for 3 hours-Life is good.

Thank you for all of the above.

And now, for some legally permissioned art! Yea!

Follow this one …..



From the Series: Emergence

Artist: Martin Cooper





When I say follow this I mean it. Story is us. Read it. Be it.


I promise you will find the tale here.


Now, I am going to bed and read a trashy mystery.




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