Crack This

October 15, 2006





They said:
Leave the nest,
Use your wings,
Crack the egg.


Crack this?
Do you dare?


You crack it, while I curl up
And say to you: tend your own
Embryonic chores, help your own
Inner universe grow black holes.


This crack is mine; I see this crack.
On my luggage, my face,
My ass, my soul,
In places speaking  story.


Once inside the silken-soft
Floating cave, I dreamed
I was a fish wiggling forever
In life’s streaming wake.


Now, I am this salmon surging
Upstream, muscles strained,
Towards birthing the new
Without thought, care, or worry.


Urge this surge you say?
And you? What do you do
In your time elapsing life?
Work, TV, drive, eat, drink?
Crack this egg you say?


Crack this.














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