I Love…

October 8, 2006



I love
love’s delicacy.


Love offers me
this brilliant sun,


 The virtue
of this beauty.










I added another person to my list of people to marry today: Annamaria Pietropaola. Seriously folks, I barely skimmed the breadth of her work today. Her page is called: Foto Immagini.

There could be no other name.

If you need a journey of infinite proportions, go visit Annamaria. Do not tell her about being on my list of people to marry, I want to tell her myself.

Martin Cooper creates mythological tales with his work. The Rise piece is from the story of Emergence. Another artist worth visiting for a journey.




Top Photograph: Riflessi nottumi nel Wadi Rum

Artist: Annamaria Pietropapla

Bottom Photograph: Rise

Artist: Martin Cooper

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2 Responses to “I Love…”

  1. Annamaria Pietropaola – I checked her page. Really brilliant and creative stuff. You really have knack of picking up great artists and photos.

  2. photopage said

    “Foto Immagini” Really god!
    -Sathiyan S

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