Land of Canaan

October 7, 2006

You can go to the East
To find you, inner hemisphere
You say we’re under the same sky Babe
You’re bound to realize Honey, it’s not that clear
I’m not your promised land
I ‘m not your promised one
I’m not your land of Canaan, Sweetheart
Waiting for you under the sun






I’m lonely tonight, I’m missing you now
I’m wanting your love and what you’re giving out
I’m lonely tonight,I’m lonely tonight,I’m lonely tonight


Well the meanings changed (for what it’s worth)
It’s the same senseless game I should think of love, but it’s fear everytime I hear
your heartbeat strain
It’s not the fallen man
It’s not the call of time
It’s just the London skyline
Telling me you’re not mine



My blood is running dry
My skin is, my skin is growing thin
For everytime you find yourself
You lose a little bit of me, from within
It’s just a raging cycle
Why can’t we bring it all to the end of the line?
From inside this existence, Sweetheart
Time is not on my side




I’m not your promised land, I’m not your promised one
I’m not your promised land, I’m not your promised one
I’m not your land of Canaan Sweetheart
I’m not your land of Canaan Sweetheart
I’m not your land of Canaan Sweetheart
Waiting for you under the sun, I’m lonely tonight






Song: Land of Canaan

Artist: Indigo Girls

Top Photograph: White Rag

Artist: Giedrius Varnas

Second Photograph: Black Window

Artist: Chuck Stevens

Third Photograph: Cabin

Artist: Karen Crosby





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7 Responses to “Land of Canaan”

  1. if you enjoy melissa etheridge, you may also like KT Tunstall ( if you like indigo girls you may also like Tegan and Sara ( – ‘this business of art’… the later stuff is, IMO, disappointing

  2. hmmm… looks like my prior comment got caught in the filter because of the links.

  3. kimtelas said

    Yea, I was wondering about that!

    I was told to moderate the comment.

    I will check that out.

    And, thanks!

    How about that drumming?


  4. ’til mid november
    i wait, excitement mounting
    three day orgasm

  5. I’m Ellen, and my main site is The Sam and Becky Boo show (WordPress DIY), but it wanted a account to let me comment so I used my self-therapy one. Jumped over from IRAQathon from QAZSE.

    All that just to tell you I loved the bottom photo on the sleep post and in addition to liking the IG song quite a bit, I love the juxtaposition you are using here… Seems anti-climatic now.

  6. kimtelas said

    Hi Ellen.

    All that jumping to get here!

    If you feel anti-climatic, I wish you didn’t!

    I do not!

    If someone comes here and connects, experiences, and enjoys–it can never be anticlimatic for me.

    I came here because I needed an expressive outlet, for many reasons. It never occurred to me that I would join a community of artists and thinkers! I have gained more than I ever could have imagined here.

    Thank you for finding me!

    And-to juxutaposition and people who feel it when they see then know the word that articulates that feeling!

    Thank you Ellen,


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