October 7, 2006



I just want to say:


I have new CDs!!!!


And three of them are the Indigo Girls.


And (Drum Roll) :Rolling Stones and U2.

Melissa Etheridge and Suzanne Vega are on their way!


I can die now.


Carry on!





PS. I slept last night!!!!!!!!!!









Top Photo: I’m A Dancing Fool (Grace)
Photographer: Grace’s Parents


Second Image: Dancing Girls
Artist: Shakhnoza Abdullayeva


Bottom Image: Sleeping Woman
Artist: Anikeeve Sergey


2 Responses to “Announcements”

  1. iansforest said

    Hi Kim,

    I’m glad you slept, we must do that from time to time. The stones are great and I’ve been a U2 fan for years and years and years. It’s funny how tempo the right riffs and a well written song can inspire one to fall on the floor crying or prance around the room. It’s magical.

    Coldplay has a song called Fix You that I enjoy, and Snow Patrol’s song Run is outstanding as well.

    Nice to read your Blog, it’s wonderful:)

  2. kimtelas said

    Hi Ian,


    I have massive sleep struggles and learned a sleep meditation just yeserday that worked in a snap. This was posted on Suresh Gundappas blog. You might want to check it out and see if he has anything for you!!

    He is at:

    I just searched and found the official sites for both bands. I can listen to them here also so I am excited.

    I need music. I also commute 80 miles a day and that is my soul time. It is a good way to get to know new music too.

    Glad you enjoyed my blog. That is what it is here for.

    Going to check out music now.

    Take care,


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