Thought, Sense, Expression for the Day

October 5, 2006
















First Photo: Cafe Wisdom

Artist: Edward Jackman

Second Photo: FromWhtiby Psych Set

Artist: Edward Jackman

Third Photo: Gold and Red Tapestry

Artist: Paul Schilliger

Fourth Photo: Surrender

Artist: Mark Esposito

Fifth Photo: Untitled

Artist: Teaser or John (See Site)












2 Responses to “Thought, Sense, Expression for the Day”

  1. Brilliant pictures! You know Kim you should have been a photographer. You have great aesthetic sense!

  2. kimtelas said

    Hi Suresh,

    I have been in and out of photography since I was 12. I have this bad habit of not developing the film. This is so Kim.

    So, I have put the bug in the ears of those I love for a digital camera.

    My first camera my father gave me at the age of 11, 35 mm, all manual.

    I then found the dark room in high school.Then two classes in college.

    I am working towards getting back to it.

    Thank you Suresh,


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