Word Is

October 1, 2006


The word is this world
Inside these drops,
Inside this gloaming
Sleeping in prism dreams.


Intrinsic in this sharing
Love leans into all,
Interior’s instinct sighs,
A place of waking sleep.

In watering tulips,
Conversation’s prayer,
Life in the verve,
We tiptoe in the grass-

Bare feet plush in earth’s velvet carpet–


Walking in venerable silence,
Words rippling in exchange,
We know expression merely
Brushes eternity’s essence.

Transmissions conveyed
In language, symbols, sounds,
The body’s breathless poetry
Essential traces of our being.


And yet, with each touch,
Each glance, the merest
Exchange approaches a
Ripple of a world expanded.




















Top Image: Untitled

Artist: Allison Rosa

Second Image: Water Drop

Artist: Hamad M

Third Image: Lowe Antelope Canyon Arizona, USA

Artist: Q.T. Loung

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2 Responses to “Word Is”

  1. qazse said

    very nice reading. Have done so three times and will need to again

    “the merest
    Exchange approaches a
    Ripple of a world expanded.”

    I think this refers to the connectivity?

  2. kimtelas said

    I feel that when intimacy takes place a bigger world is created. If the world is bigger, then we have room for more, more of ourselves and for others.

    This speaks to being known and knowing other.

    If this mere moment can occur, we are connected in that wisp of time and an expansion occurs.

    This is what I struggle to image speak.

    I am also, on the writing is my true work note, working on rhythm. A friend told me once, it’s angular and awkward. He was right.

    So, my new poetic quest is to find the rhythm of the image. New place for Kim.

    Thank you qazse

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