October 31, 2006



Ahmed Al Safi












Dark one,
all I request is a portion of love.
Whatever my defects,
you are for me an ocean of raptures.
Let the world cast its judgments
nothing changes in my heart-
a single word from your lips is sufficient-
birth after birth begging a share of that love.
Mira says: Dark One-enter the penetralia,
you’ve taken
this girl past the limits.

























Garden Series Four

Gabriel Rigon





Translated by Andrew Schelling


The Erotic Spirit

Anthology of Poems of Sensuality,

Love, and Longing.

Editor: Sam Hamill



October 30, 2006


Anwar Hossain


Yea, I sit in ashes,
Kohl my eyes,
With hennaed hands,
Shells, bells, and hell.

Smoke for breakfast,
Scrubbing the stones,
Polishing the wares,
I am the scullery princess whore.

What do you know?

These dirty feet, drag
Queen in disguise,
With sisters oblivious
On the horizon,

Waiting for their horse………

Dirty feet walk me
In the beast’s beauty.
Do not pretend to know me,
This gnashing wakefulness,

This love …..

Bearing Psyche,
In garden thorns,
Petal’s scent, shadow
Soiled dirt beneath these nails.

Your fairy tales….

Keep you from the
Touch of lust’s long
Yearning that brings you
To your selves.

Those sisters…

I am the pity you feel,
Sent by those who dare
Not glimpse the mirror
In the darkness of their love.

And the never ending road reveals..

Rare essence standing,
Tattered gypsy detritus,
Who knows where love
Lives, hides, and breaths.

I found her…..

Coming of age in a cindered cage,
Reading dusted ashes for signs,
Knowing intention’s message,
Hearing the breezes breath.















Trevino Tohil


October 28, 2006

Meshal Hamad

Morning Moon















The moon did not
become the sun.
It just fell on the desert
in great sheets, reams
of silver handmade by you.
The night is your cottage industry now,
the day is your brisk emporium.
The world is full of paper.

Agha Shahid












Qatar Desert



October 24, 2006

Mi Madre

Trevino Tohil


It is the mother who says:
Don’t don’t
In the do doing.
Yes, yes, she whispers to first steps.
Who keeps you alive so you can do the doing?

Who heals her imperfection
In hopes of mortality’s endless song?

In the dream time of the mother
Death springs eternal,
Life an ever moving hummingbird,
Beauty’s lightening strikes daily,
Infinity is her meaning.

We take what is given.
We take what is not.

We are everlasting
Through her
Nurturance Kali-dancing~
Speaking ripples,
In robust time the mother waits forever

Once we mother ourselves,
We know the worth of motherhood.
We know the irreversible
Continuum she lives.

When we know this,
We know mother.

kimsmith 1990’s



RR and Multiple Arms

Amar Khoday

No Sound

October 24, 2006



Paul Politis


Sunglasses screening my
Animal seeking

My heart found you
Masquerading sexuality
Penetrating all

Telling none to those
Who see that you are lost
In all your foundness

Beethoven heard no sounds


I Beg You, Senora

October 24, 2006


Photo: Woman

Artist: Anwar Hossain


I beg you, Senora,

please forgive me

if my silence

seems insulting.


Don’t accuse me

if I’m so weak from wanting

I forgot to say

I have an explanation:


Moved by my passion-

not careless, not indifferent-

I took work from my tongue

and gave it to my heart.


And like my passion

I lacked words to tell you:

I saw you in my soul.

In my soul, I spoke to you.


I lived in illusion

and was truly happy.

I held you in my hand.

and let myself imagine.




Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz



Sor Juana’s Love Poems

Poemas de Amor

Tranlsated by: Joan Larkin and Jaime Manrique

Painted Leaf Press

(Painted Leaf Press no longer exists. Sigh.)

Agathias Scholasticus

October 22, 2006

Domenico and Elvira, Rocella Ionica 2000

Ric Savid



 Beautiful Melite, in the throes of middle age,
retains her youthful grace.
A blush to her cheek, she seduces
with her eyes. Many years have passed,
but not her girlish laughter.
All the ravages of time cannot overcome her true nature.

Agathias Scholasticus

(ca. 531-580) 















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Mark Holland-Hicken

October 22, 2006

Dear Art Lovers of Beauty and Sensuality,

Mark has started a blog! Woo hoo! The painter writes about his daily life and actually it gave me a glimpse of the work of it all.

Check out Mark’s daily life at: Mark Holland-Hicken’s Blog

Off to wake up and write!



















The Garden

Mark Holland-Hicken

Conceive these images in air,
Wrap them in flame, they’re mine;
Set against granite,
Let the two dull stones be grey,
Or, formed of sand,
Trickle away through thought,
In water or in metal,
Flowing and melting under lime.
Cut them in rock,
So, not to be defaced,
They harden and take shape again
As signs I’ve brought down
To any lighter state
By love-tip or my hand’s read heat.

Dylan Thomas
















Cyprus Lawn, Colma

Heather Powazek Champ





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Kim’s Update

October 22, 2006

Hello World,

Hmm. Emailed 63 artists and with 23 responses, 1 no, and 22 yes! Interactive to nice, invitations to meet in Paris, kindness, and great educational words on copyright and posting others work, and a collaboration offer, which I accepted. That is all I am telling you, so there.

Upsetting Lynda dismays me but I am a person who says: “Learn from it now.” So, I am. And, I thank her for that.

The universe is a lot bigger these days.

Apologies for the Pushkin poem font, as I posted once: Some day I will learn HTML. Uh huh.

Learning HTML requires that I put my expressive compulsion aside. Wait, it’s a compulsion. Right.

I am actually working on a fractured fairy tale poem that feels almost cooked enough for public, which means I will then over weeks slowly change little things in it. How is that?

Maybe qazse knows?


PS Spellcheck says your name is a mystery qazse.

To vision……


The Merry Maidens

Laura Turley