September 30, 2006



I can’t bear to watch your hips

as you walk away.

                                    Untie me!

Your thin dress leaves you

nearly naked. You tease

and tease.

                But one suggestion:

dress me, too, in gauze

so you can see

this shadow of my erection.














Poem: Untitled

Poet: Marcus Argentarius ca. 60 BCE

Photograph: Silhouettes

Artist: Teaser

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6 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. greeting the sun – rise!
    til His fingers on your breast
    push you back to earth

  2. kimtelas said

    You are a joy to wake up to.

    Thank you

    I started to pretend I could whip out a haiku-

    not really.

    Thank you!


  3. this picture and the ‘behind’ picture a bit further down on your site do a bang-up job of evoking the whole yin and yang, earth goddess/sun god, introspection/extroversion dichotomy.

    as a man, i know i can relate to this ‘me and the sun’ moment and i’d bet that women have similar experiences as depicted in ‘behind’ — that feeling that you’re a small part of something bigger and much holier that just yourself.

  4. great shot and lovely poem! As usual Kim outstanding blog of the day! I just loved it!

  5. kimtelas said


    I am honored to be your blog of the day.

    Any day.


  6. kimtelas said

    Dear liquidquick

    There is nothing to add to your response.

    I can prattle though!

    When I speak out loud to the world at large the sun is not a woman and the moon is not a man.

    So, yes, we seem to be having similar experiences here.

    And, despite all the manifestations “sex” can have for me it is always sacred, not matter how I am engaged in the experience.

    I do not seperate the dark from the light.

    Thank you for the response! Truly.


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