the women you are accustomed to

September 30, 2006









the women you are accustomed to



wearing that same black dress,
their lips and asses tight,
their bronzed hair set in perfect place;
these women gathered in my dream
to talk their usual talk,
their conversation spiked with the names
of avenues of France.














and when i asked them what the hell,
they shook their marble heads
and walked erect out of my sleep,
back into town which knows
all there is to know
about the cold outside, while i relaxed
and thought of you,
your burning blood, your dancing tongue












Poet: Lucille Clifton

First Image: Fashion Runway

Artist: Style.Com

Second Image: A Romantic Couple

From: Hoysals Sculpture from Jinanathpura

Third Image: Immersion

Artist: Stuart Land


4 Responses to “the women you are accustomed to”

  1. qazse said

    super concept

    “marble heads” loved it

  2. kimtelas said

    Oh shit!

    I did not write this!

    Lucille Clifton did!

    And I did cite her but it’s gone.

    So, we thank Lucille!


  3. Lovely painting. Incidentally painting belong to hoysala style which is of south Indian style of painting.

  4. kimtelas said


    I have missed you!

    I have been reading your essays. I copied and pasted the smoking one and it is on my desktop with your yellow tulip photo.

    She edges nearer.

    I am glad you are enjoying the blog and thank you for informing me about the art.

    I appreciate and connect with so much of this art and the temples but am not studied. I am slowing working on that and all information helps.

    Thank you,


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