September 29, 2006



Cook me in this oven
Of love’s hungry urge.
Carve me with cutlery,
Create me now anew.



Metamorphose time’s wisdom
infused from vision’s wine as
combustion lights our way
Through bread rising tunnels.




Meld desire’s craving
within devotions care;
Seclude me in inclusion
As infinity simmers on.






This is love’s kitchen,
Of power and place
Where the self is
Joined with all that is.











First Photo: Marisa’s Lotus Tattoo

Artist: Jennifer Esperanza

Second Photo: Play In The Kitchen

Artist: I do not know!

Third Image/Painting: Bread

Artist : Jacques Hnizdovsky

Final Image: Kitchen

Artist: Jack Spencer

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3 Responses to “Alchemy”

  1. davidbdale said

    Kim, I love “cook me in this oven” and “this is love’s kitchen”.

  2. kimtelas said

    And here you are again.

    Poems for me evolve, some over years, I do not think I will ever publish because of that! (I am not assuming I will get published just accounting for how I work.)

    This is fantastic! I like those two lines the best also. This poem, I think, is still fermenting.

    It was a challenge I took from a writing exercise at Soul Food Cafe and it has demanded from me.

    I have a kitchen-cooking thing. I think the kitchen is the center of power, thus, love. I find food to be an art form, a community event, and a way to show love and care.

    Thank you,


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