1:38 AM Monologue

September 26, 2006





I worked for hours grading papers. Edited another thesis.

I hear the 1:30 AM voices. You know, the ones you can hear but cannot make out what they are saying, yea, those voices.

I am exhausted and wide awake. I am deciding whether I hate that or not in this moment.

Why do cats never ever have trouble falling asleep?

I need to know.

Suresh is talking about sleep. I know that one too. Smoking, sleep; Suresh will be leading a blog meditation movement soon. Stay tuned for radical aspects of technology and communication. If anyone can do it, he can

And then, there is Sami, my 22 year old rough version of a Chinese Pug with her: You should be in bed and I should be there too snoring next to me on the floor. (She is right, but then she is always right.)

And, then, there is Francesca Dotta. Italian. I do not speak or listen to comprehend or read Italian. I can comprehend my own reality in her photos. She is how I feel this morning.






Francesca Dotta





























There is not

A single soul among the trees


And I


Don’t know where I’ve gone.


Octavio Paz








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