D Is For Daydream

September 24, 2006
























I dreamed the darkness in the light,

The river inside me took flight, and I was the water.

I dreamed I was gossamer fashion plate fabric wafting on then wind.

I dreamed my cats were perfectly clean and had their own outhouse;

And swiffer became mechanized.

I dreamed my love touched all who knew the mountain top flower within me,

And then some.

I dreamed I could feel each individual’s love for me.

And that I never felt separated from love.

Then I saw a tub in the backyard to soak in,

Where I listened and watched the birds.

I dreamed flowers took weeks to finish their bloom cycle.

I saw lavender as far as the eye could go.

I dreamed time travel to my loved ones.

I saw myself with them in the force.

I dreamed books were free.

I dreamed my washing machine spontaneously

Healed itself.

I dreamed a place where each person knew

Their worth to the world.

Then, I dreamed the dream was real.



today’s prattlings


















Top Image: I do not know and feel sad about this. This image touches many parts of me so I used it. If you know the artist, please let me know!



4 Responses to “D Is For Daydream”

  1. Kristine said

    She floats on the cotton industry? It’s a beautiful picture. She looks how I feel some moments. Things do not bode well on the homefront…and I long to stand on the mountian, completely naked and say to the world…this is me! I was created…and so I am! Love me despite of the flaws and imperfections! I am…and I love the world back…each thread in the linen speaks of life woven, texts written…and lost… blown away with the winds of time. The only thing keeping me sane is the pc. And the only thing keeping my daughter insane is the pc. We climb.

  2. kimtelas said

    What?? You making fun of my gossamer fashion plate daydream???

    Man, I wish I had money: I would give it away. Sigh.

    Climb Climb and Climb some more.

    Glad you liked my cotton industry day dream…



  3. Kristine said

    Did you notice the presents under the tree? And Halloween isn’t even here yet! Can’t beat ’em…join’em. Such a materialistic world we live in. Shoes! Purses. Jeans (more cotton)…give me grassy fields to pavement any day. So long as there is a Starbucks???? around the corner.

  4. kimtelas said


    Hallows Eve–I LOVE Pumpkins. I have this wild pumpkin soup recipe. I will post it!

    Starbucks is okay. The best coffee I have found is at a little drive through here in Lincoln ole Nebraska.

    Now, I know there is better coffee somewhere, I am just thankful for what is.

    I like the weeds that breakthrough the pavement no matter what!


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