And I live here…

September 23, 2006



Reflections of the Soul
Virginia Ann Zuelsdorf Beard


Turquoise Mist
Stacey R. Zimmermanrman







Virginia Ann Zuelsdorf Beard





Ferris Wheel
Paul Politis






Point Reyes Beach Afternoon

Point Reyes National Park

Q. T. Luong






Edison Pastillo 1 Ecuador

Hiroshi Watanabe





Canal Burano Venice Italy

Q. T. Luong














Kim in Oak Creek

Sedona Arizona

John Running



































Passion Flower


Byron Paul McCartney


The Art of Love








Thinking of You






Linda’s Many Muse’s






Spring Break







Mercy Me

Lisa Ballard





It is Saturday morning after a week that was really three weeks packed into one. I needed a journey through the self that is me. I am me at work, but I also must respond to others and meet them where they live, which is part of my spritiual journey. Yet, I needed the artists today to reflect my internal imagination and life force to me.


And your journey?

Where do you live?


Take care,

















4 Responses to “And I live here…”

  1. excellent artwork and photos.

    best one, IMO, is ‘kim at oak creek’. not sure if its the just-so turn of the head, the fingertips brushing the surface of the water, or the subtle flash of leg (or all three…)

    most thought-provoking/creepy/sad photo is ‘Edison Pastillo 1 Ecuador’. its the eyes… gives him a ‘wisdom born of many lives’ feel. but it not a feeling of hope, rather one of desperation. I can relate, no doubt we all can.

  2. kimtelas said

    I do like Kim at Oak Creek because, as you noted, so many sensations are happening at once. It feels like I want to be her.

    Well, Edison is also where I live. And comfort is not the purpose here, I imagine. But he is in my soul too.

    Thank you for taking the time to see and express.


  3. Great photos, great collections! good to be back at your site!

  4. kimtelas said

    Well, one must take time for gettting educated.

    Ahem, embarrassment never killed anyone, at least not me.

    Nice to see you too.

    I am working on responses for your page, my mind seems a bit full these days so time is all.


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