Biting Fire

September 21, 2006



Come to me with raven hand


Dipping into depths unknown


Saturation perpetually known







You speak in tongues


Caress as if I were my own


I am fixation’s harboring dance





Wanting shouts its murmuring pain


Inside this boundless depth


Raking walls for utterance of touch




To crave is but to taste


Humanity deprives-


Gyrations in the dreamtime






This maelstrom croons its fire breath


Ensconced in misty sweat


Shimmering drops in the flame







Hungering urgency’s reverence


Words skim the misty rim


Love’s desire expels and whispers






Only truth….




















Top Painting: Female Figure 17

Artist: David Kofton

Bottom Photograph: Nude 1

Artist: Dimitar Kostadinov


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2 Responses to “Biting Fire”

  1. Kim I have this Painting at home . This is so powerful and Beautiful and every time I look at this photograph – I jump with joy.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. kimtelas said

    So, Suresh,

    One, I would like a picture of the jump for joy.

    Two,I would like to clarify something. Do you own the painting or do you have a print of the painting on your wall? I just need to know how envious I need to be. Degrees are important!



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