September 19, 2006

Takes me to the place of tears

Bathing becomes a grieving ritual

Soap the way to wash it free

But when do I get to just take a shower?

Nothing more, nothing less?

When the pain finds its way to an alternative universe?

When the soap runs dry?

When the water stops running?

How long will this last?

When will it be hard to cry?

When will the terror of being in the wailing in the endless moment where only pain is real become the butterfly from the cocoon?

Who has the timeline?!

And, when will I understand?

free flight at midnight



2 Responses to “Water”

  1. nosurface said

    I love when people write about water, there are so many ways to interpret and see it. It’s such a vital, powerful force. Like our favorite colors, it symbolizes much more than just “water” or “red” or “blue”. Thanks for writing this.

  2. kimtelas said

    Water is everything. I love that you see water in its myriads of existence. It is indeed so much more. I think that is why crying is evoked by the damn shower! Thanks for reading.

    Take care,


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