An Infinite List

September 18, 2006

I am feeling blue and sleep resistant so I decided to write of list of feel good things…

Cotton lavendar pajamas

Guatamalan coffee from Jim for my birthday that was 3 months ago!

My friend Tom taking me to lunch unannounced on Friday

Lemongrass oil

Seaweed soap


My oo la la body lotion

My lavendar body wash

My cat Sun who sleeps in the day and wanders around in horrendous thunder storms at night…

My cat Diego who loves everyone, will plop anywhere, purrs like a freightrain, and knows he’s my lover-boy

My dog Sami who has 15 different kinds of snortling (and is 22 years old and still hanging out with me!)

Knowing I am loved even if it’s not the way I want it in this moment



The Internet for endless art

Candles–wait-Scented Candles–wait—wait–Both!

The 1/2 a cantaloupe I forgot was in the fridge..what a great breakfast!

I’m Not Really a Waitress Nail Polish

Chocolate colored nail polish

Books, and that I have many


My ability to express my numerous selves

My funky victorian cottage in the corn

Kathy, who owns the funky vicotorian cottage in the corn

Stephanie, my sister in law

My nephew Vinnie

My niece from Pluto, Olivia

My niece Gracious Galileo Smith..who is my soul mate

My nephew Elijah, the boy boy, who is sensitive and aware always

Big ass sunflowers

ALL flowers

My $15 350 thread count sheets (Hooo babeee!)

Nail files

Burt’s Bee’s Cuticle Cream

My hands

Ziploc bags (I have a ziploc bag fetish.)

Knowing I am loved even if I am unable to feel it sometimes

Full Moons

The Big Ass Sky of the Midwest

The OCEAN (Oh, wait, I live in the corn. Well, I should be on the ocean, so there)





My family-as nuts as we all are-they are mine and they are part of my story

My free blog that allows me to release out and into the universe…

And connect with people like Suresh…

And on and on and on…

My dreams will be good tonight…

Good Night,


Star Trails

Mike Seeman


2 Responses to “An Infinite List”

  1. I did’t see your blog in your list! Did I miss something? I need to make a list like this and really find out what makes me feel good!

    Nice list!

  2. kimtelas said

    Okay Suresh, I fixed the list.

    So there.

    No you did not miss anything, I missed something.

    I was so focused on writing and the release I forgot the blog was my fantastic conduit.

    I am still waiting for that address.


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