The Alchemy of Love

September 17, 2006





You come to us

from another world



From beyond the stars

and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure,

Of unimaginable beauty

Bringing with you

the essence of love


You transform all

who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns,

troubles, and sorrow

dissolve in your presence,

Bringing joy

to ruler and ruled

To peasant and king


You bewilder us

with your grace.

All evils

transform into



You are the master alchemist


You light the fire of love

in earth and sky

in heart and soul

of every being.


Through your loving

existence and nonexistence merge.

All opposites unite.

All that is profane

becomes sacred again.


Poet: Rumi

Editor: Deepak Chopra

Translation: Deepak Chopra and Fereydoun Kia


Kim Thoughts


How is it that we have lost our way in love? Not all of us but the world looks a little funky some days from where I sit and gaze.

I met with a woman interested in our college; things happen sometimes in these meetings. You do not just talk about credits, time and graduation.

Life moments are exchanged.

My saga of love, leaving Maine for the Corn of Nebraska, marrying an incarerated dead head, and where I am now came to pass. I am often looked at askew or psycho babbled when this tale it told; I have become more selective in the sharing and trust my intuiton.

I am no longer married and that is good too. I love him. See?

She said: “You have lived.”

I assume she has too but her perception of my tale is what matters to me. Right now. Here. She did not see herself as having lived.

She meant risk and not following a presented script; she told me this.

If that is what living means, then, in some ways I qualify.

But how can this be the only “definition” of living?

Living is loving.

How can she not love? She loves her children and I bet she even loves her husband of many years.

What if she does not know she has lived? What if she does not know how to know she has lived?

What if she is about to take this college journey and all hell breaks loose? (I have seen it happen.)

Rumi brings things back to normal for me.

I love. I am. Opposites are drawn and create new loving, imaginative, fantastic realities when they do. They activate conflict, which if lived through fully, creates.

We have learned to write books about love.

We have founded a psychology of love.

We have forgotten the wisdom of the poets, the artists.

I will be clear here, I have specific needs and wants when I love.

I want communication.

But what is communication?

It is the showing of self, the risk of self knowledge, the sharing of this knowledge, thus, the other witnessing you. It is being known for who you are and being loved in your revealing.

I want presence.

I want you here the best you can be. I want you to choose to be here and if you cannot I want you to tell me: “I have to be away for a bit. I will check in.” I want you present in all that you are and I want you to share that in ways best for you.

I want engagement.

If you are with me, some choice is being made from somewhere within you. I ask that you engage in that choice.

I want honesty with care.

This does not mean blunt cruel honesty. This means that you are honest with yourself then choose to share what is best for you to share. If nothing is best for you to share, we probably do not belong together relationing. And why are you making this choice? (Inquiring minds want to know!)

I want passion.

I want you and I to be unafraid of our life forces. And, if we are afraid, let us tell ourselves we are and each other. Then we can travel from there.

I want catalyzing.

This means, to me, that we evoke each other which leads to self and other knowledge. You can never know another fully, we are each discret entities with private selves and selves that are not always meant for those we love, even.

And there is more…

But then……..

What do you want?





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