This is For You

September 16, 2006








This is for you


it is my full heart


it is the book I meant to read you


when we were old


Now I am a shadow


I am restless as an empire


You are the woman


who released me


I saw you watching the moon


you did not hesitate


to love me with it


I saw you honouring the wildflowers


caught in the rocks


you loved me with them


On the smooth sand


between pebbles and shoreline


you welcomed me into the circle


more than a guest


All this happened


in the truth of time


in the truth of flesh


I saw you with a child


you brought me to his perfume


and his visions


without demand of blood


On so many wooden tables


adorned with food and candles


a thousand sacraments


which you carried in your basket


I visited my clay


I visited my birth


until I became small enough


and frightened enough


to be born again


I wanted you for your beauty


you gave me more than yourself


you shared your beauty


This I only learned tonight


as I recall the mirrors


you walked away from


after you had given them


whatever they claimed


for my initiation


Now I am a shadow


I long for the boundaries


of my wandering


and I move


with the nervy of your prayer


and I move


in the direction of your prayer


for you are kneeling


like a bouquet


in a cave of bone


behind my forehead


and I move toward love


you have dreamed for me




Leonard Cohen


Picture/Painting: Kelly in the Window

Artist: Anni Adkins




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