Hunger Speak

September 16, 2006


The cellular scream for soul

compels us towards the heart.

The need to flood the vessel;

eternity’s incessant quest.


Yearning for hunger’s self,

impending towards the urge

to see reality’s new shape

in shifting forms of other;


we seek the mirror

misplaced so long ago

with dusty gems on shelves,

attics bursting with our tales-


Tales lost so long ago to work,

the bills, the house, the yard-


There is no perfect lawn

There is no perfect orange.

They told you this to keep you

from hunger’s natural plunge


You are the you we see.

You are the you you see.

The you who is perpetual,

the one in all existence.


Be endless as you are-

make real your love,

your sex, your soul,

there is no other one-

all just comes to this:


The yearning to become……..





written some time in my life

Painting: Starry Night

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

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